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Mumbai University’s community radio station MUST (Mumbai University Students Transmission) is all about infotainment. The station was launched on 29 February 2008 at the hands of the then President Hon Smt Pratibha Tai Patil. MUST radio is one of its kind of community radio which always had a holistic approach towards education and community work.

With a 13-hour transmission (8 am – 9 pm) daily, the CRS reaches out to a highly populated area in and around Kalina which is located in central Mumbai. The programming is in Marathi, English and Hindi.

Programme Focus
Unlike a private FM channel, this community radio provides different types of society’s needs, discuss pivotal issue, educational topics, announce examination dates and update students with the various happenings in and around the colleges affiliated with the University. The programmes include educational, career-oriented as well as cultural programming. MUST radio has tied up with various NGOs in the surrounding areas which work in the field of health, child labour, sex workers, animal rights, disability, housing societies, ALM’s, HIV/AIDS awareness, local urban folk artists, college bands and musical groups, etc.

    1. Provide access to groups that are inadequately served by mainstream media
    2. Encourage participation in all aspects of running a station; from scheduling to production to administration
    3. Enhance the diversity of programming choices and viewpoints available to their audiences through a diverse range of music, information, news and views
    4. Support and develop local arts, music and culture within their community & students.
    5. Provide basic media training annually

Community Involvement

MUST radio has tied up with various orphanages and old age homes and regularly makes shows that include children and people from these organisations. We have also tied up with various administrative agencies and help them to reach out to the people via our radio, this includes the local corporators, police station, traffic police, etc. we also have been organizing various seminars with these agencies. Also as a part of community service, regular blood donation camps, health camp are organized for the listeners. Recently we organised a cycle rally on world environment day, also an open singing competition was organised and the oldest competitor for a 72 year old person for the area. MUST radio has begun giving first-hand experience to slum children from the areas around the Kalina campus in radio jockeying. Being a community radio, it is our duty to reach out to people in the neighborhood. When we came across a few slum children, we realized if given an opportunity, they can be Radio Jockeys. Gautami Chaure, a school dropout hosted a show on Independence Day along with RJ Blessy, a third year diploma in computer science student. This station is open to all, anyone with good ideas can walk in and record their show and, if found suitable, it will be aired. So from an eight year old child reciting poetry to local bands promoting their shows; from an interview with an HIV+ girl to exploring the forts of Maharashtra - anything related to infotainment finds a spot here. The station also shares content with, which broadcasts shows to Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia. We also share content with other community radio stations across the country.

Survey Conducted

Last year a rough survey was conducted by the students in the surrounding areas in and around the campus. It was an attempt to estimate the areas where the transmission was available and what kind of listenership patterns were available. There were certain issues regarding the transmission in certain areas with high rises and clustered buildings. This shows that in an urban landscape 50W transmitter can be somewhat less effective. A high powered transmitter may help in getting the clarity in the required areas rather than the distance. Also about 60% people were aware of the radio but 75% people were aware of the frequency. About 60% of the students asked for more career-oriented programmes. Majority of the women asked for more women oriented programmes which lead to the concept of ladies special hour daily from 4 pm – 5 pm. Many senior citizens requested for classical music and poetry recitation programmes. Majority of the slum dwellers and areas nearby asked for more health/ sanitation related programmes and hospital/health services details. Accordingly the programming is being reviewed and modified. It also came out from the findings that more visual presence was required in the areas to make people aware about the radio station


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